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Matthews Again Compares the Trump Admin to the Romanovs

‘ — it’s like a king in court, all these people sitting in dinner’
By Grabien Staff

MATTHEWS: "As what we saw with the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister this weekend, Trump's use of his private club, Mar-a-Lago for presidential business allows the club's members to have unprecedented proximity to power. Pictures surfaced on social media over the weekend showing that certain members of the club who were present at the dinner, Saturday night, were treated to a rare view of diplomacy in action ... I keep referring to the Romanovs because they do everything as a family it's like a king in court, all these people sitting in dinner the other night, they're talking about the mission going to Yemen, it didn't work out so well ... all these royal family trappings with people coming in listening with their cameras. And Hillary gets booted off earth for some emails. And these guys are doing it on public."

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