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Maxine Waters: ‘I’m Questioning the Patriotism of’ the GOP Letting Trump Side with Putin

‘they are frightened, they’re afraid, they don’t have the guts to stand up to him’
By Grabien Staff


CAPEHART: "On that point, Congress woman, you have been in Congress for many, many years, and you know your question of where the patriots, where are the Republicans? Why don’t you think your fellow Republicans in the capitol in Congress aren’t stepping out and being full throated in their condemnation of a president of the United States not standing up to the leader of Russia and not condej our Democrat process here at home?" 
WATERS: "Good question. These Republicans who think that somehow they waive the flag better. We’re the real patriots standing umm for this country. I hate to say this, I think they are frightened, they’re afraid, they don’t have the guts to stand up to him. They’re allowing him to walk all over them because they think that somehow he can come into their district and that he can, you know, get the people organized against him and the vote in ‘eastern. Well, you know the people set them to the Congress of the United States to represent them. Not to be afraid of a president who is looking more like a dictator than a president. And so I’m questioning the patriotism of all of those Republicans to side with Putin, to wrap his arms around Putin and let Putin say, no, I been do it and you don’t have any proof that I did it. So forget about I want. Let’s move on. Tillerson, I want you to know that President Trump and tillerson, they need to stop. Why are they doing this? That’s the question that must be asked. Why are they doing this? I maintain it’s all about drilling in the arctic. It’s all about the oil. Tillerson is the one who negotiated the big billion dollar — multi-billion dollar deal with put on the drill in the arctic. I think that’s the top of his agenda. That’s why he’s there as secretary of state." 

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