Maxine Waters: Trump Owes Debt to People Who He Doesn’t Want Us to Know About
‘There’s a lot of talks still about loans from Kremlin and the Russians during the 2008 problem — ‘


WATERS: "And as you know, he’s under a cloud because of these conflicts of interest and the fact that he has not divested himself from his businesses. He’s under a cloud and he should want to, again, come up from under the cloud and show his taxes. But we think that he won’t do it because, number one, he does have debt to people he does not want us to know he has debt to. You know, there’s a lot of talks still about loans from Kremlin or from Russians during the 2008 problem that we had here in the United States and so he’s hiding something and we can conclude that he does not care about his constituents, the people who voted for him or anybody else, for example. There’s another thing that some of us are following a lead on, and that is that he may have had money owed to him for services rendered particularly in the entertainment and TV world that did not go to his account that should be accounted for on his taxes, that it went into the foundation so that it is not being seen and he’s not being taxed on it. I’m following up on this lead."