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McAuliffe Was ‘Very Concerned’ 2020 Election Would Be Rigged

‘I had to replace all the machines as governor... ‘
By Grabien Staff


McAULIFFE: "Oh, I’m very concerned. I mean I can tell you, in Virginia, when I was governor, I had to replace all the machines. (...) As governor, I got rid of all of our DRE. (...) Because I remember when I first voted when I went to Richmond, moved down as governor... (...)  Whenever I went and voted in '14, I just moved to Richmond, I just got elected governor... (...) I remember I kept voting in the Senate race, kept voting for the Democrat, Republican name kept coming up. (...) I hit the machine for Warner, Gillespie’s name lit up. (...) Three times that happened. (...) I did it four times. (...) So then I had an investigation done. (...) So I took the machines and I hired hackers. (...) Listen to this. (...) Listen to this. (...) They were able to hack into our machines from off-site... (...) (...) about five or six minutes. (...) It took them six minutes to hack into our opto-scan machines.”

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