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McCarthy: How Could Trump Lose When Not One Republican in Congress Lost Reelection?

‘Not one Republican incumbent lost’
By Grabien Staff


McCARTHY: "None of them, because they're all afraid they'll be primaried and they'll lose. But what’s very interesting here and shows more of the fraud, not one Republican incumbent lost. We already won eight seats and we're ahead in ten more. How would President Trump lose in an atmosphere like that? How is it possible that someone claimed that Joe Biden would win and not one Republican member of Congress lost election, but almost 15 Democrats did? And you know what’s interesting happening, we’re watching this go before our very eyes, why is it, in these major states, that the big cities stopped counting till all the roll votes come in, till they know how many more they need? On my way here tonight, we're ahead in a seat in Iowa-2 by a little less than 300 votes. I don’t have all the facts but it was just reported that they allowed a little over 300 people to re-vote and now we are behind."

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