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McCaskill: It’s Not ‘Socialism’ To Add Pre-K to Public Schools, More Maternity Leave for Women

‘What he is talking about are things that could change lives of most Americans’
By Grabien Staff


MCCASKILL: “Listen, there is no question that there will be negotiation. And it is highly doubtful, and frankly, very improbable that he will get exactly what he laid out last night. But remember this, what he’s talking rebate are things that could change the lives of most Americans. Expanding public school to pre-k is not socialism. Making sure that women can take leave when they get — have a baby is not socialism. That is really smart policies that most Americans really want. So he’s got the positions that are popular. Now he has to do the hard work of knitting together the compromises to get it across the finish line with the moderate Republicans and the moderate Democrats.”

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