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McEnany: Heads Would Explode if the Trump Admin Unmasked People Like John Kerry

‘If the tables were turned you’d have the media carrying a whole lot more’
By Grabien Staff


McENANY: "Well, the President is surprised there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered by President Obama, by Vice President Biden, namely the fact that the Department of Justice learned about the Michael Flynn conversation and the unmasking in the Oval Office from President Obama. That’s remarkable. Think about that. You have Sally Yates saying, 'Wow! I had no idea about this until President Obama informed me about this conversation.' You have half a dozen partisan officials unmasking Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. And Steve, I have to ask you, if the tables were turned, if an RNC-funded dossier was used to spy on members of Vice President Biden’s current campaign, what would happen? What would happen if Trump Administration officials like Mark Meadows and Vice President Pence were unmasking people like John Kerry? Heads would explode and rightfully so, but that’s what happened under the Obama Administration. But if the tables were turned, you’d have the media caring a whole lot more."

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