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McEnany: A Third Georgia County Has Found Uncounted Votes that Favor Trump

‘These checks and balances appeared to be fatally flawed’
By Grabien Staff


MCENANY: "Hey, there's certainly a chance because as I'm coming to air with you tonight, Sean, there is reporting that in a third county in Georgia, in Walton County, they have found the same issue, a memory card that was not registered with votes and guess what, these votes favor President Donald J. Trump. We were told yesterday when the first batch was discovered by the Georgia Secretary of State, this is very concerning because there are checks and balances in place, the local officials should resign. Well, these checks and balances appeared to be fatally flawed, systematically irregular to have happened now not in one, two, but three Georgia counties, amounting to the disenfranchisement of nearly 5,000 voters. What is going on here? Every American should be concerned."

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