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Media Matters Protester Outside of FNC: Carlson Pushing ‘Full-Blown White Supremacy’ and ‘Fascism’

‘Advertisers who appear on Tucker ... are sponsoring fascism, you’re sponsoring white nationalism’


UNKNOWN: “So I watch Tucker Carlson every night. Uhm, I followed his career retrospectively and currently and every night he goes on air and reveals what kind of a person he is. Someone whose core mission in the media is to elevate, fringe white identity grievances and use his massive microphone to mainstream full-blown white supremacy and move the overridden window, which represents the spectrum of acceptable dialogue in the media towards fascism. This is fundamentally anti-democratic project. And it is opposed to the meager civil rights that are afforded by marginalized populations in this country. He- he put marginalized communities under the threat of direct material harm.”

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