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Meghan McCain: Max Boot Is Not a Republican, He Would Vote for Elizabeth Warren

‘There are people who have completely abandoned their conservative principles because Trump happened’


BEHAR: "I wish people would read — there’s an article today that I wish everybody would read in 'The Washington Post.' It’s written by Max Boot, B-O-O-T."
McCAIN: "Oh, for God sakes, that guy."
BEHAR: "Wait a second. He was a Republican and a conservative. He turned."
McCAIN: "He’s not. He’s not."
BEHAR: "He was."
McCAIN: "He is not."
GOLDBERG: "Okay, we’re going to something else."
BEHAR: "Wait a minute, just one word. He writes what will happen to this country if Trump wins in 2020. Read it and weep."
McCAIN: "There are people like that, that people like Joy Behar go on TV and say, 'Oh look, it’s the Republican, it’s the conservative.' Max Boot would vote for Elizabeth Warren, I believe.”

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