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Meyers: The 2020 Election Is Our Last Chance Before Sliding into a Corrupt Banana Republic

‘And Trump’s actions this week have shown that the stakes of the Democratic race could not be higher now’


MEYERS: “And Trump’s actions this week have shown that the stakes of the democratic race could not be higher now that Republicans, with the exception of Mitt Romney, have acquitted Trump in the impeachment trial, the 2020 election is really the last chance we have to stop our system from fully sliding into a corrupt Banana Republic. Republicans have given Trump the green light to subvert our democracy and the rule of law without consequences and now, he’s pushing full steam ahead. He’s literally bullying the Justice Department via tweet to dole out lenient sentences to the cronies who committed crimes on his behalf. Every time I think Trump has done the worst thing he could possibly do, he finds a way to one-up himself he’s like the exact opposite of Simone Biles like, every time you think she can’t stun you with a new routine, she posts a video of herself doing something like this.”

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