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Miami Mayor: 70 Planes that Biden Admin Flew Into Jacksonville Didn’t Get Any Coverage

‘It is tremendous hypocrisy’
By Grabien Staff


SUAREZ: “It is a tremendous hypocrisy. You know, the media only covers one side of the story. They don't cover the purported 70 planes that flew into Jacksonville by the federal government. That doesn't get any coverage. They don't cover, you know, the fact the illegal immigration has skyrocketed under their current administration, and that's creating, like I said, a humanitarian crisis, not just anymore in border cities, but throughout the country. They don't they -- don't really offer any sort of solutions, this current administration. And they also don't talk about the fact that there's an incoherent hemispheric policy towards countries in, you know, Latin America and South America, that is creating a lot of the desire for people to migrate into the United States. So, you know, there's just no coherent policy. And that is exacerbating a problem that we've had for a long time.”

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