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Michael Cohen: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Are ‘Narcissistic Sociopaths’

‘Nobody out there who has money is stupid enough to give Jared Kushner a dollar’
By Grabien Staff


COHEN: “They’re also both narcissistic sociopathics. She married her father, and so they truly believe that they can reenter social society and come back on top, which is really at one point where they were before the entire presidential run. What’s amizazeing to me is not e about this going to, you know, virgil’s opening of louis vuitton in miami. What really offenderss me personally is that jared has managed to open up a hedge fund. The kbieguy made the worst real estate decision in the history of New York and somewhere along the line, middle eastern money poured into some brand new hedge fund into the billions of dollars. Seriously? What is that coming from? What is the investigation into that?”

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