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Michael Cohen: Rudy Giuliani Won’t Stay Loyal to Trump

‘Rudy and Donald are not friends’
By Grabien Staff


COHEN: “Well, first of all, Rudy and Donald — and I said this on other shows. Rudy and Donald are not friends. It is not like they have this long standing relationship where they would have dinners. Chris Christie actually had a longstanding relationship with Donald Trump. Rudy is a newcomer. Rudy only became loyal to Donald when Donald became president and Rudy could financially benefit from it and Donald was able to financially benefit from Rudy in two factors. One is that he had somebody who wasn’t charging him and I had somebody who was defending him from the various different, you know, allegations that were being brought against him. So there is not this long relationship. They didn’t go to school together. They didn’t like each other. Rudy certainly didn’t care about Donald when he was mayor and he had power, and Donald was just a real estate guy.”

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