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Michael Mann: Fossil Fuel Workers Losing Their Jobs Under Biden Can Join a ‘Civilian Climate Corps’

‘Fossil fuel jobs these days are fairly few because that industry has largely been automated’


MANN: “Yeah, thanks, Willie, it’s a great question. And, you know, we saw that again in Joe Biden’s plan yesterday. One of the things that I like so much about the way he framed this is this is about jobs. It’s about climate change but it’s about the opportunity that comes with acting on the climate crisis. The green energy jobs that are going to be available, which by the way fossil fuel jobs these days are fairly few because that industry has largely been automated. So there’s a lot more opportunity for jobs and clean energy and that’s a big part of this plan, to make those jobs available to provide resources for that. But what I also like is the idea of hiring a sort of civilian climate corps, which is in the plan, to provide jobs to those people who would otherwise be displaced by this transition, frontline communities, people in fossil fuel states, and those communities where they’ve lost those fossil fuel jobs, we need to make sure those people aren’t left behind and this plan will provide resources to give them jobs. Why not have them help in the cleanup and the restoration that’s necessary as we transition into clean energy? And so this -- this plan is bold, it’s comprehensive, and it gives me optimism that we’re finally about to achieve the action that we need on climate.”

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