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Michelle the Millennial: ‘I Was, Like ... No Nothin’ Y’all!’ [Supercut]

‘Barack’s like, “You seem so much less stressed,” and I was like, “Duh!”‘

Can someone explain why “a girl from the south side of Chicago” talks like a millennial teen girl from the Valley? 

That’s the question we can’t help asking after the former First Lady’s latest public appearance this Saturday in New Orleans.

Obama sat down with CBS’s Gayle King at this year’s Essence Festival, where celebrities and Democratic leaders gathered at the Superdome to discuss issues affecting the black community. But for some reason, when King was interviewing Obama, it sounded like there’d been a mixup and she’d instead booked one of her teen daughters. 

Over the course of the 54 minute interview, Mrs. Obama used “y’all” at least 44 times, “like” no fewer than 65 times, and “you know,” another dozen more. 

Speaking of the media’s apparent rough treatment the Obama Administration, Mrs. Obama said of their legacy: “You know, no scandal, no — no nothing. No nothing, y’all.”

When the topic turned to the former president’s courtship of the former First Lady, Obama said mockingly of his speaking skills: “It’s like a brother can talk straight and people are like, ‘Oh, he’s amazing.’”

“Well, and then — y’all, ladies, I was kind of skeptical,” she continued. “You know, so I was like, ‘Okay, okay … I kind of looked at him like, ‘Hmm, okay.’”

Obama spoke with surprising honesty about her marital struggles and of their use of marriage counseling. At some point she mentioned that even his style of eating food would annoy her, saying with notable slang: “I was like, ‘Why didn’t I never notice he chewed like dat?’”

And that’s just a small sampling. For more, check out the supercut above. 

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