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Mika Brzezinski: It’s Time to Deprogram the Cult Leaders

‘Like the worst Russian prop propaganda, Donald Trump, his political minions, Facebook, and cable news hosts viciously attack public health officials who are desperately trying to save people’s lives’
By Grabien Staff


BRZEZINSKI: “God tells us that our bodies are a temple to be protected. That does not mean that you are to protect that temple unless Facebook and talk radio freaks tell you otherwise. This community activist in Cape Cod, a Republican is dead, and I really don’t know how the blame for her death could fall on anyone other than those cult leaders listed above. The greatest tragedy is of course that this all could have been prevented with a five-minute vaccine. But that firehose of falsehoods has been spewing propaganda and lies for well over a year, and it’s time to turn that spigot off. It’s time to deprogram the cult leaders. It’s time we do whatever we can to save their lives.”

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