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Mike Waltz: We’re Not Entering Articles of Impeachment Today, We’re Enhancing an Investigation

‘There are a lot of considerations that went into it’
By Grabien Staff


WALTZ: "There are a lot of considerations that went into it. But at the end of the day, look, Kaitlan, the evidence here is just so overwhelming. We’re not entering articles of impeachment today. What we’re doing is enhancing an investigation and giving it greater legal standing. Between the 150 suspicious activity reports, between the shell companies, between the whistleblowers, between the testimony from Hunter Biden’s business partners that show that Joe Biden completely lied to the American people on multiple occasions — "
COLLINS: "Congressman, we’ll get to — "
WALTZ: " — I don’t know what more evidence we need to go down that road. In terms of what specifically went into Kevin McCarthy’s calculation, I’m not sure because I, for one, was one saying there is plenty of evidence to say we need an enhanced investigation here."

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