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Milo: ‘The Left Cannot Tolerate Anyone ... Who Doesn’t Subscribe to Their Own Crazy Views’

‘I’m just a libertarian term supporting provocateur who likes present interesting arguments’
By Grabien Staff


YIANNOPOULOS: "Students who come to my talks don’t necessarily agree with me but just want to see the other side. They were prevented from doing so this evening from violence from the left. The left that is terrified from anyone who might be persuasive or interesting or might take people with them. I am not a scary far right neo-Nazi, as some of the protesters claim. They put those things on posters to try to legitimize their violence against me and against my supporters. Instead, I’m just a libertarian, gay Trump supporting provocateur who likes to present interesting arguments. We have good fun shows with huge sold out audiences. I'm very, very popular. I'm probably the hottest ticket on college campuses. Students absolutely love me. It's just the left who cannot tolerate anyone on their campus who does not subscribe to their own crazy views.”

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