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Miranda Devine: Stelter Would Be ‘Salivating’ Over Don Lemon’s Alleged Sexual Assault for Weeks If He Didn’t Work at CNN

‘It just shows you there’s a dual system of justice, dual system of media’
By Grabien Staff


DEVINE: “That’s such a grotesque story. I think Jesse if that was you or any other conservative pundit who had done something like that in public, in a bar to a stranger, then that would have been everywhere. Can you imagine Brian Stelter would have been salivating over that for weeks? We would have heard nothing else. It just shows you the jewel system of justice, jewel system of media. One side tells lies, one side tries to stick to the facts. Unfortunately Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and the rest of the people in CNN are veering towards MSNBC territory which is just  pure dishonest propaganda.”

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