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Mollie Hemingway: 61 Percent of Vaccine Hesitant People Are Not Republicans

‘It was President Biden and Vice President Harris who said they didn’t have trust in the vaccine’
By Grabien Staff


HEMINGWAY: "If I can just point — just really quickly, this is one of the examples that you see, people make it out like it’s the Republicans that don’t want to take the vaccine. In fact, 61% of the people who are hesitant about the vaccines are not Republican. And the more the media make it out that it’s something that’s partisan, that will also going to contribute to the problems. The more that they fail to remind people that it was President Biden and Vice President Harris, when they were running for office, who said that they didn’t have trust in the vaccine, that also makes people not trust what the media are saying. So I think we need to be very careful and not have forgetfulness about what was happening during the campaign when the vaccine messaging was very different."

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