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Mollie Hemingway: Gov. Cuomo Was Praised By Liberal Media ‘Because He Was Going To Bat Against ... Donald Trump’

‘I don’t know if you remember Donald Trump thought Cuomo was asking for too many ventilators’
By Grabien Staff


HEMINGWAY: "You had other people who tried to balance the costs and benefits of various measures. The cost of shutting down schools, the cost of banning people from doing businesses. People like Governor DeSantis in Florida. Those people got horrible media coverage, whereas Cuomo was praised and given so much support from the media, in large part because Cuomo was going to bat against their real enemy, Donald Trump. You know, even if there were things back then, I don’t know if you remember when Donald Trump said that he thought Cuomo was asking for too many ventilators. Trump ended up being completely right, but the media treated it as if Trump was wrong and Cuomo was right.”

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