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Mollie Hemingway: Obama Was Worse to the Press, But Media Didn’t Care

By Grabien Staff


HEMINGWAY: "That does not — is not my recollection of the eight years under President Obama. He blamed many bad things in the country on people watching Fox News. He claimed it was on every bar in the country why Democrats were hurt. He tried to freeze out Fox News in multiple instances. He spied on reporters. He's one of the worst presidents when it comes to actual actions when it comes to the media. President Donald Trump speaks against the press in a way that does not live up to what we want to hear. But when it comes to actions taken against the media, Obama Administration was bad and the media didn’t care. When Donald Trump lightly criticizes the press —"
LANE: "Of course the media cares."
HEMINGWAY: "They boycotted him, they freak out about the press dinner. It is that difference in how they reacted to president Obama."

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