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Montage: The Best of Chris Matthews’ Inaugural Day Coverage

‘Why doesn’t Trump button his coat?!’
By Grabien Staff

In those rare, glorious moments MSNBC lets Chris Matthews loose on its viewers, no can ever really be sure what's going to happen.

Friday's inaugural day coverage was no exception. 

Playing the role of political color commentator, Matthews co-anchored Trump's inauguration proceedings, frequently interjecting non-sequiturs so far afield his co-panelists struggled to come up with anything in response. 

Matthews of course worked in the requisite Hitler/Mussolini references, but if there were one surprising theme to emerge, it was his preoccupation with Trump not buttoning his coat. Perhaps, he speculated at one point, Trump's trying to project an "insouciant message." 

His extemporaneous ruminations covered everything from why black people avoid visiting the National Mall, to the House of Romanov, to his theories on why rioters attacked Starbucks but not Dunkin Donuts.

For those who somehow didn't catch all seven hours, we've condensed the highlights into the montage above. Enjoy! 

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