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Montage: CNN’s Acosta Can’t Stop Saying ‘Sh*thole’ on the Air

‘Shithole is the word that the Washington Post is quoting the president saying’
By Grabien Staff

After the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump wondered aloud why America encourages immigration from “sh*thole" countries, CNN’s Jim Acosta seemed to view this as an open invite to openly swear on the air, repeating the word throughout Thursday’s “Situation Room.”

“The president said,” Acosta reported, “‘Why are we having all of these people from,’ — and I apologize for using this word here, but this is a quote from the president — ‘why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?’”

Proving this was no one-tip slip, Acosta returned to the air moments later and repeated the FCC-prohibited word:  “This meeting behind closed doors, in which the president referred to countries like Haiti and countries in Africa as a ‘shithole.’” 

Wolf Blitzer, for his part, danced around using vulgarity on the air: “In these words that he told these bipartisan members of Congress, senators and House members earlier today, they were meeting on immigration, ‘Why are we having all of these people from — uh, um, you get the point. S-hole countries or bleep-hole countries come here?’”

Acosta then returned to the air and appeared to chastise the host for not openly swearing on air. 

“And I noticed Wolf, you hesitated to use that word, I hesitate to use it myself, as an s-hole or shithole is the word that the Washington Post is quoting the president saying,” Acosta said. 

UPDATE: It's not just Jim Acosta, but also Jake Tapper, John Avlon, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Phil Mudd, and virtually everyone else on CNN. Check out our updated supercut here.

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