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Montage of Dems All Saying ‘Reclaiming My Time’ During House Judiciary Committee Hearing

‘If you can let me answer the question’
By Grabien Staff


BARR: “But he found no evidence —“
CICILLINE: “Reclaiming my time! Without political bias.”
BARR: “He said he found no evidence —“
CICILLINE: “Reclaiming my time, Mr. Attorney.”
BARR: “That’s where the video is from. That’s where the video is from.”
CICILLINE: “Reclaiming my time, Mr. Barr.”
BARR: “ — substances.”
DEAN: “Mr. Attorney General, reclaiming my time. There are rules by which we operate here. I would ask you to respect them.”
ESCOBAR: “There’s no question for you yet. Excuse me —“
BARR: “But the ‘64 Act did not extend to —“
ESCOBAR: “Reclaiming my time, sir.”
NEGUSE: “Mr. Attorney General, reclaiming my time.”
BARR: “I think that’s what I was talking about.”
NEGUSE: “Reclaiming my time!”
BARR: “ — that it’s a —“
SCANLON: “Okay, reclaiming my time.”
NADLER: “Shame on you, Mr. Barr.”
BARR: “Can I just say —“
NADLER: “Shame on you.”
BARR: “Can I just —“
NADLER: “My time has expired.”

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