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Flashback Montage: First Came the Pulse Nightclub Atrocity, Then the Hot Takes

‘Hate is not the answer to hate’
By Grabien Staff

No sooner had authorities began assessing the carnage in Orlando were TV viewers being inundated with, in the modern parlance, hot takes.

As Americans watched with horror at the barbarity being broadcast on their TV screens, assorted media personalities began offering their suggestions for how everyone should think of the atrocity. 

Former ATF agent and NBC law enforcement expert, Jim Cavanaugh, initially speculated that a "white hate" group might be behind the attack on the "diverse" Pulse nightclub.

When Hugh Hewitt told a "Meet the Press" panel that ISIS would like nothing better than killing 100,000 million Americans in similar fashion, his co-panelist, Joy Ann Reid, quickly equivocated, insisting "white nationalists" would also like to kill a hundred million Americans.

Meanwhile, over on "This Week," panelists Donna Brazile and Matthew Dowd told viewers that politicians' intemperate rhetoric helps fuel ISIS.

And that's just the beginning. Watch the montage above for the hottest of the hot takes. 

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