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Montage: Media Devastated After Paul Manafort Isn’t Sentenced to Life in Prison

‘It’s an outrage and it’s disrespectful of the American people’

Last night a federal judge sentenced Paul Manafort, who is 69 years old, to 47 months in prison for financial crimes Special Counsel Robert Mueller uncovered during his probe into the Trump campaign's interactions with Russia. 

The major media —  which had been hyping the former Trump campaign manager "spending the rest of his life prison" — was, to put it plainly, furious. 

Reporters and anchors angrily decried the sentencing as a mockery of justice, claiming it was an example of racism at work. 

MSNBC's Eddie Glaude Jr. said the sentence shows white people “matter more” than others. 

"Look, the sentencing gap reflects what I call the value gap," Glaude said. "Underneath the sentencing gap, just as underneath the empathy gap and the wealth gap is the value gap. And the value gap is the belief that white people matter more than others, particularly white people with money matter more than others.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough attacked the judge for “damaging American democracy” and acting like a Trump fanatic. 

"He actually sounded like somebody at the Trump rally from the bench," the MSNBC anchor claimed. He asked, “Given the length of time that Paul Manafort created — or engaged in these crimes and given the fact that he did it at the highest levels of government and given that actually it could be argued that it damaged American democracy, how in the world could this judge go so far below the guidelines?"

CNN’s Laura Coates also attached the judge, calling him a “failure”:

He was allowed, Mueller, to look at the things that he would come across in the course of investigating Russian collusion and this was one of them. He was fairly prosecuted. The jury fairly convicted him based on the evidence and did not commit at all. And for the judge to take that into consideration to me is a failure.”MSNBC contributor Mimi Rocah said the sentence is "jaw dropping."

Another MSNBC contributor and former federal prosecutor, Barbara McQuade, said the 4-year prison sentence is “atrociously low.”

And that’s just a sampling. For more, check out the montage above. 

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