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Montage: Media Urge Dems to Put Barr Behind Bars

‘How do you get this thing moving? ... Do you suggest maybe even, as some have said, jail time?’’

No sooner had House Democrats voted to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt of Congress for not providing them an un-redacted version of the Mueller Report were reporters asking how they could up the ante another notch. 

If a contempt vote failed to compel Barr’s acquiescence, what next?

What if, many in the national media began asking, Democrats just put Barr behind bars? 

Over the last two days, this question keeps popping up across the media landscape. “Jail” has been referenced during CNN and MSNBC segments on AG Barr 146 times over the last three days, with 63 mentions on CNN and 83 on MSNBC.

On CNN, anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.): “How do you get this thing moving? Do you impose fines? Do you suggest maybe even, as some have said, jail time?”

Blitzer’s CNN colleague, Brianna Keilar, suggestively asked another Democratic lawmaker: “Do you think the attorney general should go to jail?”

During a recent press briefing, MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) if Barr had committed a “crime” by giving what Democrats have said are conflicting accounts of his conversations with Robert Mueller. When Pelosi said thought Barr had indeed committed a crime, Hunt immediately followed up: “Should he go to jail? Should he go to jail for it?”

In another CNN interview with a Democratic lawmaker, “AC 360” host Anderson Cooper asked, seemingly hopefully: “Do you actually believe that the attorney — that you’re going to do, that your committee is going to order the attorney general of the United States to be arrested by the Sergeant of Arms and put in jail?”

And that’s just a sampling. For more, check out the montage above. 

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