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Montage: Media Was Already Calling for Trump Impeachment Following Disputed BuzzFeed Report

‘Absolutely these are impeachment offenses’

Mere moments after BuzzFeed published a report — elements of which are now being called “false” by Special Council Robert Mueller’s office — the media had already begun invoking Trump’s imminent impeachment. 

CBS News’s Paula Reid said: "If this 'BuzzFeed' news report is true, that the special counsel has evidence beyond just Michael Cohen's testimony, that the president directed his former personal attorney to lie to Congress, then we are likely on our way to possible impeachment proceedings. Because this, this is black and white.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto said: "No reaction this morning from President Trump to report that ties him directly to the very same offense for which the House of Representatives moved to impeach Richard Nixon and two decades later Bill Clinton. ...  The key offense at issue here is what is known as suborning or encouraging perjury, witness tampering, obstruction of justice."

MSNBC contributor Jill Wine Banks said: “I think this is the kind of evidence that could influence Republicans as well as Democrats to act faster. Because they are the ones who got lied to, and the public got lied to. There were also evidence of Nixon lying to the public as grounds for impeachment. And so while absolutely these are impeachment offenses and should be looked at for that, and we in Watergate decided that the best approach was the political one of impeachment, it didn’t mean that the crimes that were committed weren’t also subject to being indicted."

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said: “

ROBINSON: “It’s not just Cohen raising his hand and saying , you know, I know this thing. There’s actual evidence backing it up. That's -- that is a huge deal. We are talking subornation of perjury. You know, we're talking -- we’re -- we're deep in the realm now of credibly impeachable offenses. There is no excuse for this. And there is no way to talk you way out of this. If this is true the president's in deep trouble.”

Check out the montage above for many more. 

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