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Montage: MSNBC, CNN Celebrate McCain Sabotaging GOP ObamaCare Repeal

‘John McCain, who was indeed a profile in courage tonight’
By Grabien Staff

The media has a fever and the only prescription is more "Maverick" John McCain! 

The Arizona senator, who late last night cast the deciding vote against repealing parts of ObamaCare, is today being celebrated on CNN and MSNBC for his "breath-taking," "remarkable" “profile in courage.” 

McCain, who signaled to the media before his vote he planned to make things interesting -- telling reporters to "watch the show" -- dramatically cast his vote with a Roman emperor style thumbs-down, sending the bill to a 51-49 defeat.

Hosts on MSNBC and CNN quickly swooned. 

"John McCain ... was indeed a profile in courage tonight," Brian Williams "reported" moments after.

"McCain rejecting desperate pleas from Vice President Mike Pence and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, even taking a call from President Trump," CNN's John Karl reported. "But none of it swaying the veteran senator, who lived up to his nickname, the maverick."

"It's just remarkable," remarked Alisyn Camerota. "Breathtaking," CNN's Phil Mattingly replied. 

The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza, appearing on a CNN panel, likened McCain's vote to a Hollywood-style drama, as the senator left an Arizona hospital to return to Washington to cast the deciding vote. 

MSNBC invited former congressman David Jolly on after the vote, who likewise venerated the senator, proclaiming McCain "gave a lot of Americans something to believe in."

 "The 2008 presidential nominee not joining the Republican Party in this repeal vote that -- understand what it mean, it means Mitch McConnell has weakened and Donald Trump is weaker, and also says that John McCain may be the lion of the Senate for the continuing time he has," Jolly said. "This is now his time. He was a maverick tonight and gave a lot of Americans something to believe in."

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