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Montage: Without ObamaCare, Everyone Will Die

‘The Republicans’ health care plan is: Die quickly!’
By Grabien Staff


SANDERS: "30 million people will lose their health insurance. I have not seen any Republican studies as to how many of those people will die, but certainly many thousands of them will die. And in fact, there have been some studies suggesting that thousands of people will die."
PELOSI: "The Methodists have said people will die because of this bill. People will die."
BARNICLE: "Under this proposed health care bill, with no access, very little access to opioid clinics, rehab facilities, what do you tell them other than, you know, 'You're probably going to die if you get sick?'"
BESHEAR: "With the Affordable Care Act, if they pull back coverage from millions of Americans, people are going to die out here."

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