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Moore on UAW Executives’ Salaries: A Lot of CEO’s Are on the Board of Other Corporations

‘I’m just so happy that people are standing up’
By Grabien Staff


MOORE: "Wow. Well, there was no logic there. This is what’s so great about young people, young adults, young workers. When they hear the bs, they understand it. Mary is not only making a $30 million right now, you know, she’s also on the board of Disney. This is how a lot of these ceos work. They don’t just run their own companies. They’re on boards of other large corporations. And the irony of, you know, I’m part of a union on strike against Disney and these hollywood studios, and here she is the CEO of general motors. I’m just so happy that people stranding up for this and that the — especially the uaw, a guiding light here for people. And they know they’re not going to get away with this. I think that they know that. I mean, that’s why she’s right. They have offered something they’ve never offered before."

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