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‘Morning Joe’ Goes on Rant Against Trump: He Is the Mussolini Like Demagogue

‘The only way Democrats are going to beat him is with the equal force’


DEUTSCH: “I, with all seriousness, the Mussolini, when Mussolini is standing up on the terrace like this, with a face like that, to me, the parallels with Trump in terms of that self-satisfaction at the chaos he’s creating, the parallels are stunning there. You know what’s so ironic? Coming off of, to me, pretty poor debates both nights for the Democrats, if Trump stood up and basically talked about the economy, talked about, ‘Hey, by the way, two benchmark Democratic strongholds, criminal reform and immigration, by the way, they brought up that Obama deported more people than I ever did. By the way, they were arguing about critical reform. I passed the most comprehensive Criminal Prison Reform Act.’ Stronghold Democratic benchmarks that he could own, of course he doesn’t go there. The scary thing for me, and Joe, you and I talked about this last week, as him being a transactional ideologue, is he’s going to keep lowering it, keep digging, digging into the base, and then some time around April or May of next year pivot and start acting somewhat normal.” 

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