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‘Morning Joe’ Likens Mueller to War Hero for Testimony: ‘He Was in the Field of Fire for His Country’

‘He kept us safe after 9/11’


BARNICLE: "And -- and Joe, if you want a metaphor for what Bob Mueller did yesterday, and anybody seeking a metaphor for yesterday in his actions yesterday, read the bronze star citation for Robert Mueller who literally went back out on to the field through a stream of field of fire to rescue a marine who was wounded, a marine who was working for him, he was a second lieutenant, out to get the platoon member to drag him back to safety. That’s what he did yesterday. He was in the field of fire for the country. He went back into the field yesterday for this country, to protect and preserve this country. That’s the oath he took of office when he became FBI director. That’s the oath he took when he was a Marine Corps second lieutenant, and that’s the oath, a similar oath that the president of the United States has failed."

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