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‘Morning Joe’ Mocks IG Report Debunking Lafayette Square, Claims It Didn’t Debunk Story

‘I don’t think a contractor putting up a fence has this much power’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: "Well, there’s a reason they were cleared with the urgency that they were cleared with. Two things, again, my friends and young children, can be true at the same time. They could have actually scheduled repairs on scaffolding at the same time, before knowing, of course, that Donald Trump, who was humiliated after news broke that he scrambled down to the bunker — I don’t know why he was humiliated by that, but for some reason he was deeply humiliated by that. But they had made these plans and then Donald Trump and his aides made their plans that he was going to go across there. And again, the schedule could have been in place for a couple of days. Like, you can stop your panting. You can put down the paper bag. That really doesn’t prove anything.“

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