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‘Morning Joe’ Ridicules AOC Celebrating Amazon Scrapping NY Plans: ‘Shocking How Little She Understands’

‘I watch AOC with a lot of hope but I’m cringing, and I would love to give her some advice’


SCARBOROUGH: “No, because the protests that we saw were to get on the AOC’s what’s shocking to me is once again she shows how little she understands not just economics but even unemployment. She’s the one who said the reason unemployment is so low is because a lot of people have two jobs. She needs to learn basic things about what it is to be a representative. When you look at what happens in New York City and New York state, we’re losing people like crazy. We are going to lose our influence in Washington during the next redistricting because we’ll lose one to two congressional seats. Now we’re telling business don’t come here. Just because she has a progress agenda, which some people like, does not man she has the city’s best interest. She showed me she only cares about herself and not about her colleagues and Carol Maloney and not about the people she represents because those people would be getting jobs themselves.”

(via Mediaite


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