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‘Morning Joe’ Speculates Trump Weighs ‘270, 275, 280 ...’

‘No doctor is going to let him take a drug’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: “And then how did he spend April? He spent April talking about injecting disinfectants into the body, sticking lights in the body. Dr. Fauci warning, because he’s right, that the chances are very good this pandemic could come back even stronger in the fall during flu season. The President saying it’s not coming back in the fall. And now in May he’s saying he’s taking hydroxychloroquine.”
SCARBOROUGH: "Something that a guy who’s old, in his mid-70s who’s — I don’t know, what he is? 270, 275, 280?”
BRZEZINSKI: "Maybe more. Yeah.”
SCARBOROUGH: “He’s got a lot of comorbidities.“

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