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MSNBC Confirms: Indictment in Mueller Investigation To Be Handed Down on Monday

‘I heard back from a senior White House official that there’s still no specific comment’
By Grabien Staff


ROBERTS: "And his team are expected to serve their first indictment on Monday in connection with their investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election. We want to get straight to the White House and NBC’s Kelly o’donnell for us with more. Kelly, is the White House still mum? I know the president returned less than an hour ago from a day at his Virginia golf club.
O'DONNELL: "Yes, and I heard back from a senior White House official that there’s still no specific comment on the reports, including NBC news that there will be an indictment expected as early as Monday. They’re not weighing in because of all of the unknowns that exist, who will be the target of the indictment, will it be one person or more? What are the charges? Are they somehow directly related to the campaign or other types of offenses like making false statements would be an example of that. It’s going to have a huge political fall-out. It will be measured as to how close those who are the subject of this are to the president or the campaign. The president is heading into a very big week. At the end of the week, he begins a huge Asia trip where he’ll be on the world stage, and this is the kind of issue that has sort of dogged him throughout his time in office, and if it flames up right before he travels to Asia, that’s certainly a consideration. So maybe when there are more specifics, the White House will be prepared to address it. Certainly the president’s outside counsel might be in a position to talk about it. All of that, of course, dependent on the who and the what charges and what more we know. What is tantalizing is that over the next 24 to 36 hours, there will be a lot of these questions. Will any of it be filled in before official steps move forward? We don’t know. But this certainly is a sign that the investigation led by former FBI director, now the appointed special counsel, Robert Mueller, is a serious one. And the resources that are being expended are resulting in some kind of indictment. And then in sort of a parallel track, we know that the congressional committees are continuing their work. This covers all kinds of areas from financial dealings of some of the individuals who have been in the president’s orbit, some of their lobbying, comments they may have made. Meetings that have been held with Russian officials or figures. A whole array of different sort of vin yets in a very long national story, and we don’t know what will expose someone to criminal liability, but we may find out all of that on Monday, a major step in this investigation."

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