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MSNBC Doctor: ‘I Praise the Public Officials’ in L.A. for Reimposing Mask Mandates

‘They’re sticking their necks out on the line’
By Grabien Staff


PATEL: "By the way, I really do praise the public health officials there, they're sticking their necks out on the lines, they’re not popular people these days. But I would say we can look to other countries, we can look to Israel, we can look to parts of what the U.K. has had to do, ignore what Boris Johnson has said, but look at what local public health officials and ministry health officials are doing on the ground there. Australia, other parts of the E.U., they are kind of what we would call canaries in the coal mine, they have put back in indoor masks. And it's simply for this reason: Vaccines do protect us. They protect us from hospitalization and death, as we've said. Unvaccinated people with a variant, Willie, that is novel, that we don’t understand, that is highly transmissible, highly infectious, minute to give it to each other, what is the harm when you’re with strangers to wear a mask indoors, especially in close-contact settings? Why are we taking a risk we don’t need to take when we have a preventative measure for now until we get more people vaccinated. And that’s really the bottom line."

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