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MSNBC Guest: ‘The Impact of 9/11 Has Disproportionately Affected the American Muslims and Muslims Abroad’

‘We are now a nation that is reeling with hate crimes against Muslims’


KHAN: “Yeah. Well, you know, I cannot imagine that 20 years later, reflecting back on this terrible tragedy that happened in New York, that, you know, 90 nationalities died and among them were 16 muslims. But the impact of 9/11 has disproportionately affected the American muslims and muslims abroad. So immediately in the aftermath we have the special registration, if you recall, where innocent people were detained and then deported. Then we went to war in Afghanistan, then Iraq and continued on to Syria. Now estimates are that close to a million people have died in those wars. So if you equate one American life to close to 300 muslims dead in these wars, and, you know, then we are now a nation that is reeling with hate crimes against muslims that have risen. Islamophobia is very much alive. The muslim ban happened under, you know, President Trump, and there’s rise of white supremacy. So the very people we went to squash, all extremists and terrorists, and yet the homeland is now experiencing the same thing that we experienced abroad. So I sort of wonder what have we gained from all of these wars.”

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