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MSNBC Host Clashes with Biden Advisor Symone Sanders on Hyde: Did He ‘Not Understand’ for 40 Years?

‘Vice President Biden has been very staunch in his defense of Roe’
By Grabien Staff


JANSING: “Is your position then that somebody with his experience, his years in the Senate, his years as vice president did not understand for those 40 years that the Hyde Amendment disproportionally affected poor women and women of color?”

SANDERS: “That’s not my position. What I said was and let me be clear, we have been having our thoughtful conversation about our impending health care policy. Let’s just be frank. Earlier this week the reports of the Hyde Amendment — we didn’t come out with a press lease. The vice president was not somewhere pontificating about his very deeply held personal religious believes. There was an inquiry from the press to our campaign. We were having a thoughtful conversation about this in our campaign.” 

(Via Mediaite)

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