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MSNBC Host Incorrectly Claims Trump Tweeted Slowed-Down Video of Pelosi

‘This is part of the sexism of Donald Trump where he makes a woman look feeble’
By Grabien Staff


WALLACE: “The political war of words president President Trump and speaker Pelosi has deter rated to a level beneath words. That’s why we’re going to do something different here to make sure you understand just how low the president has stooped in his efforts to smear the speaker of the House. We believe that transparency is the best disinfectant for dirty Politics so we’re going to break down what the president of the United States did to the speaker of the House when he shared a doctored video of her with his millions of Twitter followers, a slowed down video like the one he tweeted of Nancy Pelosi has the effect of making anyone look like they’re having a tough time we decided not to air the Nancy Pelosi video. So we’re going to show you what I look like slowed down.”

(Via The Free Beacon)

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