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MSNBC Interview with Dem Rep. Who Supports Trump Goes Off the Rails: ‘Are You Being Compensated’ to Support Trump?

‘You only ask me that because I don’t fit your narrative’
By Grabien Staff


MELVIN: “I want to bring in Georgia state representative, Vernon Jones. He’s a Democrat but he’s supporting President Trump’s re-election campaign. Mr. Jones, thanks for your time, sir.”
JONES: “Thank you so much.”
MELVIN: “President Trump, as you know, has made the military central to his campaign, central to his presidency. But this is an issue that involves the safety of U.S. Troops. President Trump said there he did not raise it in that phone call with Vladimir Putin, said he hasn’t raised it with him. Also once again casting doubt on the U.S. Intelligence community. Explain why Americans should feel confident giving him another term as commander in chief.”
JONES: “First of all, this is a president — this president, President Trump, is about results. He’s been tough on foreign countries, making sure they fair their fair share. At the same time, he’s dealt with unfair trades that wasn’t fair from the beginning and as it relates to the military, my dad is a World War II veteran, four brothers served in the military. He’s strong on defense, giving the military the tools and resources they need to defend themselves and defend the American people. He has stood up to Russia, China and anyone else.”
MELVIN: “How has he stood up to Russia specifically?”
JONES: “You look at the penalties, you look at the positions, you look at the actions he’s taken against Russia, he was much more strong on Russia than President Obama. Everyone knows it, you do too, President Trump is no lamb. He’s strong, he’s solid as an Arabian mountain, he protects this country, puts this country first. Most Americans agree with him. So I support this president, many support this president, but anything this president does to the left and to those who just do not want to support this president, you know, they just have those issues. They’re going to make things regardless. But would you want Joe Biden in the basement — let me say this.”
MELVIN: “We’re talking about Russia specifically.”
JONES: “He’s been weak —“
MELVIN: “Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones.”
JONES: “I’d much rather have a president like President Trump.”
MELVIN: “With regards to Russia specifically here, the president of the United States despite a mountain of evidence and solid reporting on this idea that bounties are being offered on American soldiers in Afghanistan, why not bring it up on the phone at least? “
JONES: “Well, first of all —“
MELVIN: “Not just that phone call, why not address it with Vladimir Putin at all if he is in fact so hard on Russia?”
JONES: “First of all, where is the mountain of evidence that it was said? Whereof the mountain of evidence in the Russian collusion, the Russian hoax. There’s a lot of misinformation, erroneous information, outright lies. You know it, I know it and the American people know it. This president is solid. He is not wasting his time. He is focused. And Russia knows that this president, President Trump, is not playing around. He is not the lamb of the previous administrations. So I feel comfortable, the American people feel comfortable. Now, the left may not and the liberals may not. It’s because it’s an election year. But this president is solid and we would much rather have him at the head of this country dealing with Russia than Joe Biden.”
MELVIN: “You are an elected Democrat there in the state of Georgia, as I understand it, but yet you’re supporting the Republican president’s re-election bid. How is that going over in your district?”
JONES: “Well, obviously my district knows about me. I’ve served as county executive. I’ve run a government, I’ve done things to move my county forward and the people, served them well, solid record of accomplishments. But this is not about Politics. This is about putting your country before Politics, putting your country before the party. President Trump is right on Target with results. Prior to the pandemic, he had the best and you know it, the best economy that we’ve had going back years and years and years. The Democratic Party chose to put illegals —“
MELVIN: “An economy that even many on the right have acknowledged that he inherited from the previous administration.”
JONES: “Well, that’s fake news. That’s fake news that he inherited that.”
MELVIN: “We’re not doing that.”
JONES: “If you look at the unemployment among African-Americans during his years and during the Obama years, clearly it was much better. If you look at opportunity zone districts, if you look at financial support to historical colleges, clearly it’s better off under his administration than the previous administration. I don’t want to get caught in the Politics just because I’m a Democrat. My party feels, though —“
MELVIN: “I like to traffic in facts, and much of what you just said is patently false. Representative Jones, this is my show, I’ll ask questions, give me a second.”
JONES: “You had me on your show so let me explain. Don’t cut me off when I’m giving you an answer.”
MELVIN: “Are you a paid campaign surrogate? Are you being compensated?” [crosstalk]
JONES: “Let me be clear. You get paid to shape a liberal narrative. You get paid to attack this president.”
MELVIN: “It’s a simple question.”
JONES: “I don’t get a dime for this president. I don’t get a dime from the campaign. Everything I’ve done has been me and based on my principles. See, that’s the problem. When an African-American —“
MELVIN: “Sir, I did not raise your race —“
JONES: “Let me finish. Let me finish now. Let me finish.” [crosstalk]
MELVIN: “No, no, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re not going to imply that I asked that question because you’re black.”
JONES: “So don’t ask me that. You only ask me that because I don’t fit your narrative. I don’t want anything from this president. It’s what I can do for my country and you need to accept that many other African-Americans and others support this president because of his policies. And to insult me to say am I getting paid —“
MELVIN: “I’ve asked this same question —“
JONES: “That is disgraceful and that’s representative of MSNBC and their narrative to keep blacks silent who happen to support this president. Why can’t I be like white liberals or other whites, nobody question if they’re getting paid so do you ask Democrats are they getting paid? Are you getting paid by Joe Biden? Have you ever asked any host —“
MELVIN: “I have.”
JONES: “— whether they have been paid by Joe Biden. I haven’t heard.”
MELVIN: “State representative Vernon Jones, thank you. Do come back, an open invitation.”

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