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MSNBC: Many in Caravan Returning Home After Realizing Crossing into U.S. Isn’t as Easy as They Heard

‘Many of the men tell us that they heard in Honduras it would be easy to cross in the United States’
By Grabien Staff


SCHWARTZ: "Hey, good morning, Andrea. I want to show you, this is the breakfast line here at the shelter for the migrant caravan. And this is some of those women and children that you've been seeing. They are standing here in line as they do twice a day, and some of them may be eligible for asylum in the United States, but, Andrea, they are the minority of this caravan. Instead, most of the members of this caravan -- this is a line for single men that you can see, and it is stretches much longer as it does every single morning. Many of these men tell us that they heard in Honduras it would be easy to cross in the United States. Some of them told us that they had heard that there were programs, work programs that they would be eligible for. And so now that they are here in the Tijuana and they have realized that is very difficult to -- to get here in the United States, especially after what happened on Sunday, some of them are deciding to turn back. In fact, I want to show you this over here. This is a tent that's been set up by a bunch of different governmental agencies here in Mexico, but this is where the people come if they want to go back to Honduras or Guatemala or El Salvador. These are the people that have decided that it is time to go back and that they don’t have the opportunities that they wanted here. And meanwhile, Mexico, the city of -- the country of Mexico is also extending humanitarian visas to a lot of these migrants as well as putting them up into jobs. So that's what we are seeing right here. Eighty-one people from the migrant caravan yesterday decided to go back to Honduras. And these people here say they may be back in their country in a matter of days.”

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