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MSNBC Montage of Giuliani Press Conference

‘Are you okay? Because you’re sweating pretty profusely’
By Grabien Staff


[clip starts]
GIULIANI: "So let’s start with the specifics, Pennsylvania..."
[clip from movie 'Broadcast News' plays]
MAN: "This is more than Nixon ever sweated."
BROOKS: "Our own State Department was rocked not only by the revelation, but from the highly unusual persistence of the state press corps."
[clip ends]
GIULIANI: "And they don’t want to have to counter that."
[clip from movie 'Broadcast News' plays]
BROOKS: "Just how noticeable is this, huh?"
[clip ends]
GIULIANI: "If she’s working — if she's working for the — I assume if she’s working for the city of Detroit."
[clip from 'Seinfeld' plays]
NEWMAN: "It’s pretty hot under these lights, huh, Seinfeld? Pretty hot."
[clip ends]
POWELL: "Influence of communist money."
[clip from movie 'Coming to America' plays]
UNKNOWN: "One, two, three. ♪♪ Just let your soul glow, just let it shine through ♪♪"
[clip ends]
GIULIANI: "In the states that we have indicated in red..."
[clip from 'Two and a Half Men plays]
SHEEN: "Spray on hair, guaranteed to cover bald spots."
[clip ends]
GIULIANI: "It’s the reason why he probably didn’t have to go out and campaign."
[clip from 'SNL' plays]
PISCOPO: "It’s fast, it’s safe, and it’s acid-free because 'Baldemore' is made of a super blend of —"
[clip ends]
GIULIANI: "All right. A few questions."
[clip from 'Ace Ventura: When Natura Calls' plays]
CARREY: "Warm!"
[clip ends]
REPORTER: "Sir, sir..."
[clip from 'Along Came Polly' plays]
ANISTON: "Are you okay? Because you’re sweating pretty profusely."
STILLER: "Yeah, no, I’m fine."
[clip ends]
REPORTER: "— block or delay certifications so the GOP —"
[clip from 'Airplane!' plays]
REPORTER: " — and if so, when?"
[clip starts]
CAGE: "I’m starting to sweat. Stop sweating. I’ve got to stop sweating. Can’t you see it dripping down my forehead? Oh, she looked at my hairline. She thinks I’m bald."
[clip ends]

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