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MSNBC: New Report from WaPo Says the U.S. Underestimated Cyber Threats from Russia

‘The Washington Post the Trump White House remains divided over whether to act’
By Grabien Staff


JANSING: "Elise Jordan we have a look at how the U.S. Underestimated cyber threats from Russia, finding inaction to be the most inaction policy. They included a 2005 launch of RT. The Kremlin network, came in 2014 when they backed separate its and eastern Ukraine. An intercepted Russian military inteligence report dated February, 2014, documented how Moscow created fake personas to spread disinformation on social media to support its broader military campaign. In the White House situation Room in the spring of 2014, aides pitched President Obama on creating several global channels in Russia, mandarin and other languages, that would compete with RT."

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