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MSNBC Panel Breaks into Fit of Giggles After Steve Schmidt Asks Trump: ‘Where Are the Pesos’ for the Wall?

‘There are no pesos’
By Grabien Staff


SCHMIDT: "Well, we see the power of the Republican freedom caucus. 27 members or so that dictates policy to this President. And vice-versa. And the Republican Party long ago latched itself to Donald Trump's mast, cost them a devastating defeat in the election and the Party is going to double down, no doubt. Most Republicans will look at this and understand the idiocy of it and the stupidity of it, but they will remain as they have been too timid to speak out about it and they will continue to pay a political price, and maybe until we have a handful of elected Republicans left in the country. As we see today with Turkey, with President Erdogan, he is taken seriously by exactly nobody. Not by the Speaker and not by the Minority Leader in the Senate. Not by foreign heads of state, he is a joke. He is a clown. He is incompetent. He is full of malice and meanness. But the one thing he will never be is taken seriously. He has no ability to forward a domestic agenda of any type. He is reckless on the international stage. We see here the conman being exposed, people have come to see the wizard and the wizard has promised them the great wall of Trump paid for by the Mexicans, but at the moment for the unveiling of the wall, it appears to be an invisible one. Where are the pesos? Where are the Mexican pesos that the American people were promised would pay for this wall? There are no pesos.”

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