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MSNBC Panel Confused Why Anyone Would Support Gun Rights Outside of NRA Contributions

‘They gave $1 million in the last election cycle to candidates other than Donald Trump, that’s nothing’
By Grabien Staff

STENGEL: "You know, what's scary about their line -- and I go back to what you said about Wayne la Piere, the idea these people have Second Amendment is to give the people the right to protect them from an overleaning federal government that is trying to invade their homes, which is why the Second Amendment was passed let members participate in militia because they were afraid of the government coming in. I'm going to ask you this. I remember a few years ago there was a time we did a cover story on the NRA. If was reading it, didn't edit it. They actually don't give a lot of money to candidates. Lots and lots of people give more money to candidates. Sheldon Adelson gave more money to Donald Trump than the NRA did. The NRA's hold on these Republican legislatures is a bit of a mystery and quite I understand what it is unless they have tabloid fodder against them because they don't actually contribute that much. They gave $1 million in the last election cycle to candidates other than Donald Trump. That's nothing."
WALLACE: "But it does suggest a lot of intimacy with Donald Trump. Let me see, frank, do you have a theory?"
FIGLIUZZI: "So, look, my theory is that this is greed, greed for self-existence. They view this as an existential threat, the NRA. Any move toward more gun control is seen as a slippery slope to taking away their existence, taking away their guns. That's what it's about. I think we should be applying President Trump's lens that was talked about earlier, either you're for us or against us and apply that to the NRA. They're taking money from Russia. They're sitting back while Russian bots come out after the parkland shooting, telling us that it's all about mental health. They're going to take your guns away. They're saying nothing. It's time to wonder whether the NRA is for us or against us."

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