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MSNBC Panel Trashes Trump’s 4th of July Speech: ‘Really Just Another Campaign Event’

‘I mean, the whole event was political’


BERTRAND: “I mean, the whole event was political. The RNC had a special VIP area in front of Trump that was completely closed off to all of the spectators who had come to see the President and witness this Fourth of July event. So I think the fact that he may have just stayed on script, which was not exactly a great speech, it was like a little history lesson that lasted way longer than it probably should have, but the fact that he didn’t go off on any wild tangents I think shouldn’t take away from the fact that this was a I highly politicized, highly militarized Fourth of July event. You know, thousands of spectators that were there to see the tanks and, you know, all of the other kind of equipment that the administration put up there in a show of American military force, it was kind of like a blip in the background. They couldn’t even get close to it. The expectations for this were extremely high, I think for people who supported the President, but ultimately this was really just another campaign event.”

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